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When people think and exhibit behaviors that violates rules or conventions of society is known as antisocial person. Very often it is characterized by disregard and violation of the rights of others.


In Vedic astrology moon is natural karaka of mind, mercury is karaka of intelligence very often affliction of any one or both of them may force induce a person to be antisocial. Atmakaraka is the significator of the soul’s desire and 9th house represents dharma, 4th house represents heart affliction to any or both of them may lead a person to behave against the norm and spirit of the society. Sun denotes soul & Jupiter denotes wisdom. If such planets are under influence malefic influence it may promote perverted outlook and evil habits.

When Moon the karaka of mind afflicted by Mars & Saturn then native will be wicked.When ascendant (Self) is associated with mars (aggression) & moon with a malefic in 6th house the native will be evil minded.When Moon, the karaka of mind & Sun the natural karaka of atma both occupy the same navamsha with a malefic then the native may become wicked.When lord of 8th house is in 9th the native will commit many sins. When 4th house (represents heart) or its lord is between malefic the will be wicked. If malefic s are in the 4th house and its lord is weak conjoined with Gulik, the native shall be vicious man.


If malefic is in the 9th house the native shall commit many sins. If lord of 9th is associated with malefic and in a malefic shashtyamsa or in between two malefic the native will commit sins. If Saturn & Rahu are in 9th house and are aspect-ed by Gulika the native will commit many sins. If waning moon & mars combine the native shall be a vicious man. If Gulika and lord of 2nd house are associated with malefic the native will be vicious man. When moon is in 6th and mars is associated with malefic then the native will be vicious. If Rahu joins atmakaraka in navmansha, the native earns his bread as a thief.