Navamsha-The Fruit of Horoscope


Navamsha- The Potential to Materialise

Navamsha Chart

A Navamsha means one ninth part of a sign in the horoscope. A sign has a spread of 30 degrees and its ninth part comes to 3 degrees and 20 minutes and is called as Navamsha in Vedic Astrology. The capability of a planet is greatly influenced by the position and sign it holds in Navamsha chart. The importance can be assessed from the fact that if Natal chart is the tree Navamsha chart is the fruit of the tree.

Navmsha-Vedic Astrology

The Ascendant sign in the navamsha chart and its lord play very important role in natives life. For example if Aries rises in the natal chart; it indicates of a simple, adventurous and reckless personality and if Scorpio rises in the ascendant of the Navamsha chart it will show 8th house, indication such as secret, hidden, occult science with scorpion flavor will play a great role with the Aries nature person.

Effect of Navamsha on Dasha

When a planet is beneficially positioned in the natal chart and in the navamsha chart the period yields excellent result but if the planet is afflicted in navamsha chart or associated with a bad house or 64th navamsha lord then the period then period will not be able to produce desired result as promised in the natal chart. Hence to Dasa result of a planet is greatly influenced by the position and association in the navamsha chart.

Effect of Pushakar Navamsha

7th & 9th navamsha of a fiery sign, 3rd & 5th navamsha of a fiery sign,6th & 8th navamsha of Airy sign and 1st & 3rd navamsha of watery sign are called pushakar navamsha. If in a natives chart two or more planets are positioned in pushkar navamsha the native become very wealth and famous. During the dasa of aplanet in pushkara navamsha enjoys luxuries & comforts of life.

Effect of Navamsha on Ascendant

When ascendant lord occupies -1st navamsha the native becomes fickle minded and sinful, 2nd navamash the native become religious, honest & truthful, 3rd navamsha the native become peace loving and judicious, 4th navamsha the native is interested in achieving everything in life, 5th navamsha the native becomes wealthy and is happy on account of children,6 th navamsha the native becomes cheater and fraudulent, 7th navamsha the native is becomes brave & heroic, 8th navamsha native become self disciplined and self made, 9th navamsha the native will become expert in the job and generous.

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