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The ancient jyotish seers of Indian astrology have devised a number of tools for horoscope analysis and astrology prediction. Zodiac Sign plays an important role in shaping our personality & character and our jyotish seers have devised a number other tools for Janam Kundli (Horoscope ) analysis.

The Ascendant Sign & its lord, zodiac sign, moon sign, the natural karakas, dasa, transit, nakshatra, the related divisional chart play their role in shaping our personality. The demography & level of education also contribute to our values. Hence all these factors have to be considered for horoscope prediction.

The dasa system is unique to Indian astrology and horoscope prediction. We apply Vimshotari Dasa, Jaimini Chara Dasa, Jaimini Sthira Dasa, Narayana Dasa, Astaka Varga, sarvatobhadra chakra and other vedic astrology tools to read Career issues, marriage and relationship issues of people. We also rely on personality tests to understand people and their values.

Our free astrology prediction tools are based on certain basic components of the horoscope. Our free online astrology include career horoscope, love horoscope, Horoscope matching & Personality tests.

Moon Sign Analysis:Indian jyotish consider moon as the most important karaka of astrology prediction as it controls our mind.

Sun Sign Analysis:Sun is the natural karaka of soul; hence is very important in Zodiac analysis.


What we offer

Astrology Prediction

What time has stored for you and the chances of happening an event.

LOVE Horoscope

What is the compatibility score between and your prospective life partner.

JOB Astrology

The most suitable job for you and the mantra to succeed in career.


Which type of education best suits to your personality. Which education can be more rewarding.

Wealth & Money

What is your potential to earn money and what you should do to attract wealth & money.

Business Astrology

Which type of business suits you the most & what can the areas of concern.The mantra for success.

Travell Abroad

Will you do well by travelling abroad ? What is the most likely time to go abroad ?

Hobby & Sports

What is the best way to Utlise your free time. What should be your hobby ? Can you turn your passion to profession ?

Child & Fertility

Whta is you & your partner's fertility index. What care your child needs the most ?

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