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The year dragon fall in love as you know that dragon is a sign of noble personalities. The people born in the year of dragon are born to be leader and emperors. Mostly in China parents try to have child in the year of dragon so that their child remains a successful person throughout his life and lead everyone. They are gifted with the power of leading and they are born lucky. Sometimes, people of this year may become aggressive after the thing they want. They always have hunger of leading the people and the thought of losing power make them get more aggressive. People of the dragon year have big word of mouth they sometime behave like an irritating person either. Along with all these things dragons have impressive personality when they enter in a gathering that place starts to simmer. There many more astrology prediction about the love horoscope and career horoscope which are given below

Love Compatibility Dragon Horoscope

May be dragon have to struggle for good love horoscope until or unless they start feeling stable in their lives. If it will happen before it, it may affect him in settling. If the dragon people have successful relation with their partner it means that the loved once is very polite in natures that have faced a lot to stay with him/her. If they will fall in love their thoughts will stay in the past for a long time this reason that most of the dragon people start their marriage life late.

Male Love Horoscope

Dragon year male feel really nervous in the relation which is stable as they are afraid that they might behave badly. Along with that they have very caring nature, once they start to feel love anyone who may become very possessive about it. They have nature of very high self esteem which not let them hurt anyone; they are actually never willing to hurt someone. If they ever face any setback they may get to much emotional. After marriage lives of these people is quiet good as they will prove to be normal but caring husband.

Female love Horoscope

When the female from they start to care about themselves they try to dress up properly for pleasing other. They have very devoting nature in case of relationships. These women will always expect to have more love in return but they are little confused , they will require some time to decide which one is her true love.

Career Horoscope

If its about the career horoscope then they are very devoting. They always work hard but too much hard work makes them sick. If they will have balanced life with work and relaxation then will definitely go up and will succeed. If it is measured in scales then may have a moderate level of success and money will pass away from their hand like sand, they will always try to retain to survive.

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