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Ox year is the second year of Chinese Zodiac. The people of this Zodiac will definitely have different personality traits with respect to others. Most of the people would be really curios to know about the people of ox year. If you are interested to know about the Astrology prediction about the Ox people or want to know love horoscope, career horoscope then there is something related to your interest. People with the year of Ox are famous for their nature of determination, strength and diligence. They also have nature of dependability. These people will always have patriotism for their particular country. They always set ambition of life and have ideals to which they follow. They have care for their family and work, they will always give important to them. Specially the women who belong to this zodiac are very much attached to the tradition, they are always proved to be faithful and caring wives who take care of their children.

Love Compatibility of Ox Horoscope

Every person has different characteristics related to personality which affects the love compatibility of love. These people are always serious about their relationship, marriage and romance. They actually have reserved nature and shy nature which refrains them from aggressive behave with their loved ones. They are actually very much balanced with their relationships. They have good love compatibility with Rats, monkey and rooster.

Male love Horoscope

If to say in short words the male with year of Zodiac have care in their nature for the loved ones. The problem is they always ogle with other women even when they are going steady but they are possessive with their own lover. Mostly they are proved good and ideal husbands and they always enjoy their life with family.

Female love Horoscope

The females of ox proves very devoted, they will never ever deviate from the path for which they will once set their minds. They always feel satisfied and never regret with earlier commitments. The only problem with them is that they have jealousy in nature which makes them more possessive. However as a partner they can adjust themselves.

Career Horoscope

If it comes to the career horoscope of these people then you must know that they are very hard working and devoted to their work. They always get stick to the work until or unless it completes. Oxes are very much serious about the work which makes them competent in works like agriculture , manufacturing , engineering , politics painting or pharmacy. One of the best thing in them which will lead them on heights in their career is that they are strong about their principles and the strategies they use to achieve their goal is flexible. The astrology prediction of every Zodiac have both positive and negative aspects. So do the Ox have but people can change their lives with some efforts in life. Have faith and do what you want to do but you can take idea what is good from you and what is not with astrology prediction.

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