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Chinese Astrology

The Chinese 3rd Zodiac which is called as Tiger is purely a symbol of bravery. People born in the year of Tiger are very brave. As of other astrology prediction this zodiac has many which also have both positive and negative sides. Ever one would like to have a person who has the quality of tiger, bravery of tigers but you need love compatibility for it and a bright future. For this you must know about the career horoscope and love horoscope.The people with the quality of tigers bravery are also very friendly with everyone. The live life full of good luck with which they are good in competing others. They proved very good competent leader of the team as they are very confident. On the other side of the sea they are more likely to be irritable and impetuous. Tigers with its stubborn personality, they work very actively and always express themselves very boldly. They always stick to their words and never step back with what they say.

Love Compatibility of Tiger Horoscope

If its about the love horoscope then People born in the year of tiger always enjoy the feeling when they fall in love. Although they seems clumsy in flirting but they are very sensitive in handling the relationship with someone. Actually the people of this zodiac are lucky in case of love; they can get their work easily with a little effort. Perfect match for these people are from the year of Dragon, horse and pig.

Male love Horoscope

Male tigers are very passionate in handling their relationships and they always like to have control on other people. If the people of tiger year get married with the one always depend on him/her they will spend a well organized and maintained life. They are very possessive about their love they cannot beat any kind of misunderstanding in their relation of love.

Female love Horoscope

Females of Zodiac Tiger are always after the affair with romance and always look for the perfect love compatible in films and novels. They have nature of fresh hunters and can not stay tedious at their place. In case taking decisions and managing money they get too bossy and starts taking decision by themselves. Once they have decided something they will stick to it, once tiger women is abandoned she will not give up so easily.

Career Horoscope

If we talk about the career horoscope then the tigers work depends on the relationship with clients if they are having good relation with them they will on height with them. They always have faith on their partner as they are very compatible. They have the ability to sole the tricky problem in a short time which will definitely lead them to the success. The only thing that worries is jealousy factor in their nature which may leads them to the failure.

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