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NayabazarCuttack, Odisha

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"Astrotulsi does not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy or success of any answers, reading, advice or services given through the Site. The site and the services provided by Astrotulsi are provided "as is" with no warranty. We make serious astrological predictions and make every effort to be accurate. However we cannot be held responsible in any way for the inaccuracy of any prediction. Our readings may differ from any other astrologer you may consult. Any report directly or indirectly referenced or contained on this site is not intended to provide medical advice nor is it intended as a substitute for any treatment prescribed by your healthcare professional. Before engaging in any exercise, suggestion or use of products, including those that may be in this website, consult your health care professional first. We shall not be held responsible for personal or business losses arising from using or not using our services in any way. Please use your own discretion when following our advice. If an dispute pertaining to our service it will be subject to the Jurisdiction of Cuttack. Odisha. It is the discretion of Astrotulsi whether to provide any service or to deny it. Though we try to provide service in time still if there is any delay Astrotulsi will be not be responsible for such delay and consultation fee is non refundable." "