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Nabakalebar is the festival of periodical transformation of the wooden idols of Lord, Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshan. It  will happen in Puri; the temple city of Odisha in 2015 after a gap of 19 years.  

A year with double (Adhika masa) Ashadha month in Hindu Calendar is Choosen for conducting the ceremony. In krishna Chaturdashi of the choosen  month the Tattva Padartha is transferred from the old deity to the new deities.  
The body of the deity is made from sacred Margo ( Neem) Trees with sacred symbols. This year the sacred trees had already been identified.

The sacred Margo tree for Lord Jagannath was identified at Kharipadia, The sacred Margo tree for Lord Balabhadra was identified at Jhankad,The sacred Margo tree for Devi Subhadra was identified at Adhanga.

After Hawan and Puja the trees were cut down and are in the process of reaching the Jagannath Dham- Puri.
The previous Nabakalebars  were taken place in the years like 1969, 1978 and 1996 and this year in July 2015. The Governent of Odisha is anticipating a crowd of the Size 3000,000 who will witness the festival and is gearing up to develop the required infrastructure to serve the guests.