Why Obsession& Why Addiction


Astrology on Addiction

Obsession or Addiction

Rahu and Ketu are mythological serpents represents the north and south node of the moon. Hence they are shadows of the moon and work on subconscious level of man.  Rahu represents the unfulfilled desires of the past life and Ketu represents the fulfilled desires of the past life. They represent the darker side our nature and are helpful to understand life in a much better way.

Placement of Rahu will show the area of life we are crazy about and our subconscious obsession to achieve them. Placement of Ketu will show the area of life we are satisfied and hence does not like to achieve materialistic aspect of it in this life. But Ketu creates doubt in the area it represents in the chart. Rahu is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio while Ketu is exalted in Scorpio and debilitated in Taurus.

Rahu and Addiction

In the Ascendant: May develop a deceptive self-image, Obliging, sympathetic, courageous, sickly wife or husband.

Second house: may be dissatisfaction with family lineage and wants immediate satisfaction of money and finance.

Third house:May have privileged to understand others mind may want to immediate satisfaction on communication of Ideas, Writings, Conversations, wealthy, bold, adventurous, courageous, and good in sports.

Fourth house: Obsessed to obtain a house, lands, vehicles, of easy virtue, and not satisfied with his own culture.

Fifth house: May be obsessed with political-power, children, creativity, gambling and may remain narrow-minded and hard-hearted.

Sixth house: Deep desire to obtain the privileges servitude & Enjoyment, May have venereal complaints, no enemies, many cousins.

Seventh house: The mind of the native may dwell with inappropriate marriage wife may suffer from menstrual disorders, may become widow or divorcée

Eighth house: Great desire to possess privileged secret or trans-formative healer, quarrelsome, narrow-mined, immoral, adulterous.

Ninth house: Deep desire to challenge conventional wisdom, and may be show off on religion and charity, impolite, uncharitable, loose morals.

Tenth house: Deep desire to achieve reputation,respect and status, taste in poetry and literature, good artist, traveler, learned.

Eleventh house: Deep Desire to gain profit and friendship, Friendship, new cultural tie ups. May gain through proscribed or illegal practices Wealthy, influential among lower castes,

Twelfth house: Deep desire to abridge Material and celestial Planes, to get spiritual guidance, may suddenly advance on social privilege.


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