Role of Saturn- The Celestial Purifier


The Celestial Purifier

Saturn:The Celestial Purifier

Saturn; the slowest moving planet in the solar system signifies the leader of the masses. Saturn owns Capricorn and Aquarius which represents 10th and 11th house of the natural zodiac; that controls profession and gains. Though other factors have their say but impact of Saturn is decisive; hence astrologers focus position and transit of Saturn in forecasting. Saturn has 10th and 3rd full aspects, in addition to the normal 7th aspect. These aspects affect the affairs of the house and the planet receiving it and its impact is visibly felt in the life of the native.

Saturn’s aspect on Planets

On Jupiter, it induces self-abnegation and spiritual pursuits, on Mars induces the native Kshatriya (warrior) like personality, on Sun very often spoils relationship with father and father like figures, aspect on moon makes the person simple and calculative but may impact suffering to mother, on Venus may spoil marital relationship, on mercury may make the person self centered, on Rahu may make the person clever & cunning. Though its impact greatly modified by the ownership of houses, strength, transit, avastha and position, with respect to ascendant, other planets & dasa lord.

Position of Saturn and its impact on people

Ascendant – The body of the native may not be well coordinated; if beneficial the person may be matured & wiser if malefic may be cowardly, shirker of duty, greedy and selfish. May take time stabilize in profession.

2nd House – It guards ancestral properties, chances of self run business is few, generous to use wealth to the benefit of others, not overly concerned about appearance & material wealth, if malefic the native may remain in penury throughout life.

3rd House- It destroys enemies, relationship with brothers is strained, if the native live with brother none of them prosper, often the closest friends are those who put hurdles in the path to success.

4th House – The native gets little ancestral property, one of the parents may die early, relationship with the parent who live long may not be conducive, it takes time to stabilise in business, may do well for charitable organisation.

5th House – Sometimes the person may have to bear separation from children. This position is not considered good for the natives parents, native will come up through own hard work.

6th House – The native has to struggle hard to succeed, health may severely impact longevity in service, if they have name then no money and if they have money no fame.

7thHouse – Matured wife who counsels the native but may suffer from financial distress and suffer loss in business.

8th House – Saturn in 8th house may not provide wealth and children together.

9thHouse – May have trouble with siblings, firm believer of God but behave otherwise.

10th House – Sometime it can be fatal for parents, may not do well in profession, can do well in abroad. Remain busy arranging other people’s affairs.

11th house – Native may be greedy and miser, cannot be cheated, influence on children may be very ordinary.

12th House – May remain away from home, may do well in some chosen field.

Impact of Retrograde Saturn

If Saturn is retrograde it simply means the native has to be truthful regarding the house and karaka represented by Saturn. In the 1st house the native has to be more flexible, and shun egoistic attitude, in 2nd house the native is required to put more effort to succeed in materialistic pursuit, in 3rd house the native should not avoid responsibility of siblings, in 4thhouse effort has to be exerted to have a comfortable home atmosphere, in the 5th house may difficulty in affair of children, in 6th house should engage in unselfish of human being, in 7th house the native has to take responsibility towards marriage and partnership, in 8th house one has to search for truth and true application of metaphysical science in life, in 9th house one must seek knowledge through higher philosophy, in 10th house advancement will be slow, in 11th house he has to try hard to associate with right people, in 12th house he has to fully participate in humanitarian affairs.

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